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Exclusive El Paso Politics Candidate Promotion

El Paso Politics is offering candidates an opportunity to reach influential El Paso voters for Election Day through our exclusive network. This is a limited offer and is strictly first-come-first-served. On the day before the Primary Election, Monday, February 28, 2022, we will publish an updated printable Voters Guide. Our two social media sites; El Paso Watch and El Paso Digest will also include the updated Voters Guide with the promoted content.

Between now and Election Day, we will allow candidates to send a promoted email showcasing their candidacy to our El Paso Digest newsletter membership.

If you are a candidate on the ballot for March 1, you may participate in our promotion.

Here are the details about our promotion:

  1. The El Paso Digest newsletter reaches influential-politically-active and engaged readers. Our exclusive newsletter has an average open rate (over the last four issues) of 40.4% and a click-rate of 8.05%. Our last Voter Guide had an open rate of 10.1%. For comparison, the average open rate for political newsletters is 22.94% and the click-rate is 2.37%. (Intuit Mailchimp: Email Marketing Benchmarks and Statistics by Industry) Our metrics are significantly higher than the national average. Each promoted newsletter will be sent to our membership containing only the candidate’s promoted message. Each promoted email will be clearly labeled as promoted content.
  2. Between now and Election Day, our articles will include banner advertising specifically for candidates that have signed up to our promotion.
  3. Between now and Election Day, we will allow candidates participating in our promotion to post one message to voters on our Facebook channels: El Paso Digest and El Paso Watch.
  4. On Election Day, we will publish one article encouraging voters to vote, a list of all the candidates running for office. Under each office, one space is allocated to promoting one candidate. This space is included in our promotion.
  5. Production of the image content and posts are included at no additional charge. However, the candidate must supply the appropriate images and text to be included in the promoted spots.
  6. Each promotion content must include the required disclosure statement. Each candidate is responsible for ensuring the required disclosures are properly formatted and include the required language.
  7. The promoted spaces are limited and are strictly available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  8. Full payment must be made to reserve your spot.
  9. The one-time fee is $250.
  10. El Paso News, Inc. does not provide any guarantees or warranties on promoted content.

To reserve a space or for more details please contact us via email at: news@elpasopolitics.com

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