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El Paso Children’s Hospital Under Investigation By The Texas Health and Human Services

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has opened an investigation into the El Paso Children’s Hospital, according to a notification dated October 20, 2020. The notification came from the Health Care Facilities. It investigates allegations of “substandard care” provided by any health care facility regulated by HHSC.

The complaint against the children’s hospital was filed by David Saucedo, who recently filed a malpractice lawsuit due to the death of his daughter.

According the HHSC notification, “investigations are unannounced”. The notice goes on to state that the investigation can happen as early as within “2 working days” or “up to the next scheduled visit.”

In addition to the HHSC investigation, the Texas Medical Board is investigating Roberto Canales for the death of the Saucedo child.

HHSC will notify David Saucedo of the results of the investigation once it is completed.

A group of doctors and nurses have recently submitted letters to the board of directors of the children’s hospital complaining about issues with the administrators at the hospital.

The El Paso Politics will continue to monitor the situation at El Paso Children’s Hospital and will report new information as soon as it become available.

Readers interested in learning more details facing the hospital can read more about it here.

Anyone with information about the El Paso Children’s Hospital that wishes to make it available to HHS should contact them directly at 1-888-973-0022.

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